At Davidson’s Electrical we are equipped with:

  • Lifting capacity up to 4T
  • Digitally controlled burn out oven, which eliminates the risk of core damage
  • Varnishing and baking facilities
  • Automatic coil winding machine with sleeve release, used to wind motor coils. This machine makes handling and insertion of coils in the stator easier reducing the risk of damage to the conductor insulation
  • Paint spray booth
  • Motor coil stripping facilities
  • Pressure cleaning and wash bay facility with oil separator (environmentally friendly)
  • Bearing extraction equipment and induction bearing heater
  • Controlled and calibrated digital and mechanical measuring equipment
  • Controlled and calibrated multimeters and meggers up to 1000v
  • Insulation resistance testing up to 10kv
  • Automatic digital motor tester

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